Global news media inform that Flappy Bird is one of the most successful mobile games that have ever existed. This is true because the game was developed by only one person who made it in one week.


The results of Flappy Bird are 50 million installations on Android and more so for iOS. This may be telling us that the mobile game is an absolute hit and success. Unfortunately, in February 2014 Nguyễn Hà Đông decided to remove it from the Internet and the game became inaccessible to those who want to play it.


The good news is that shops began to emerge games like Flappy Bird and even offering more diverse gameplay and experiences for smartphones. One of these games is Angry Fly, which received positive comments from mobile gamers.


Yet Flappy Bird will forever remain in the hearts and souls of those who played. The game won attention for its simplicity and simple gameplay. That helped a lot and quickly within a few days to conquer the world.


Flappy Bird is a cultural phenomenon that changed the mobile gaming industry and helped independent developers to be more confiden and to seek their own success.

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